Body Shop Night Moisturizer (Aloe)

20 Jul

Product: Body Shop Soothing Night Moisturizer
Price: $20 for 1.7 oz. jar

During a recent trip to the mall, I decided to search for a new nighttime moisturizer. I feel like my face wash and toner leave my skin feeling clean, but also dry. I have never tried The Body Shop skincare products before, but am a huge fan of natural, green products, so I decided to give it a shot.

The Body Shop’s skincare section is actually divided into products based on your skin type. For Oily and Breakout-prone, there is a Tea Tree Oil line. For Dry, there is a Vitamin E line. For Combination, there is a Seaweed line, etc. I consider myself to have combination skin, but wasn’t that pleased with the smell of the seaweed night moisturizer. A little farther down the aisle, I chanced upon an Aloe line, which is made for people with sensitive skin. Although I don’t consider myself someone with sensitive skin, I strongly believe that Aloe is a skin helper. Afterall, whenever you get sunburnt, the mommy remedy is to put on Aloe Vera!

The verdict? I absolutely love it! The moisturizer smells very fresh (think cucumbers), and feels good on your skin! Even though it’s aimed at sensitive skin types, I don’t feel that the company skimped on the moisturizing effect. It left my skin feeling polished and smooth the next morning. Even immediately after application, your skin is not left with a sticky feeling like some other moisturizers do. I have dry skin around  the side of my lips and near the front of my eyebrows. This moisturizer has effectively taken care of that problem. I’m also comforted by the presence of natural ingredients, not sure if anyone else out there is also a nature-based product junkie like me! Overall, highly recommended product!

TIP: Sign up for The Body Shop emails on their website. They have frequent promotions. I used a $5 off your purchase coupon for this buy. The coupon is unfortunately expired now, but they send new ones out quite often, so keep an eye out!


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